Fuck This Old Cracker!

Yes, Mr. Trump, you ARE responsible for ALL of the violence perpetrated by your supporters. You talk about how you’re “a leader”, but the violence you are seeing at your rallies is because of a complete and utter lack of leadership. Your violent, fearful, cowardly, sexist comments mean something, Mine Fuhrer. It roots itself in […]

Eric is Flipping The Script

It used to be that gay people and interracial couples got “outed” and ridiculed. I believe the time has come for not only a political revolution, but a societal revolution. I propose we flip the script and start “outing” the racist, sexist, homophobic, fear mongering masses. I have been and, while I’ve lost “friends”, I’ve […]

The Great Division

I keep hearing Republicans blaming Obama for the division in this country. There is no doubt that we have become two separate Nations fighting against one another for what we believe is the real American Dream. The current political environment is the most vile, ignorant, racist, sexist spectacle that I have ever witnessed, in politics, […]