The Great Division

I keep hearing Republicans blaming Obama for the division in this country. There is no doubt that we have become two separate Nations fighting against one another for what we believe is the real American Dream.
The current political environment is the most vile, ignorant, racist, sexist spectacle that I have ever witnessed, in politics, in my 43 years.
I have personally lost very close friends , and even family members, due to our political differences and ideologies. So who is to blame for this obvious divide and hatred towards one another?
Republicans will have you believe that Obama the “Great Uniter” (as they tend to call him with a sarcastic tone) , has done nothing but divide this country. This rhetoric is as empty and meaningless as Republicans brains and policies.

If you really want to trace back to the exact moment in time that our country really began to go haywire, you need only look at Mitch McConnell , Donald Trump, and Rush Limbaugh.
Mitch McConnell made it very well known that’s his job would be to ensure that Obama was a one-term president. He made these remarks publicly, claiming that he would block all attempts by Obama to pass any Bills. He did all of this the moment that Obama took office, setting the tone of disrespect towards the Office of the President that has only gotten worse with time. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Obama’s skin tone.
Donald Trump played his part as the birther. Questioning the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth and even religion at times. This set a tone that it was apparently okay for citizens to publicly disrespect the office of the presidency in a way that was unprecedented.
If you add in the hateful and fear-mongering rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh, manipulating the less-educated portion of our country, it was all bound to trickle down into to the masses. This has effected how we treat each other and look at each other.
These three men are the main reason and cause of divide in our nation. It caused the rise of the Tea Party and now FrankenTrump. Republican politicians, and the extremist portion of their constituency of their supporters, have gone off the rails.
They feel like their country is being taken away from them. Their, perfect, white, Christian little world is crumbling.
And you know what? They’re right and they deserve to suffer through every excruciating moment of it.

The Republican mentality is dying because it is immoral, plain and simple. The numbers don’t lie. Demographics are shifting and a more liberal mindset is taking over.
Republicans can either join the rest of us in the real world, or lock themselves in a bunker.

Either choice is fine with me.


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